2019 Published Non-Fiction

A Day Without Media

  • By David Franklin

2017 Published Non-Fiction

My Experience with Mexican Food

  • By Brenda Torres

Larry David, a Contemporary Shakespeare

  • By René Parks

Spring 2016 Published Non-Fiction

The Soybeans

  • By Natalie Helberg

Grandma Got Some Moves

  • By Claude Robert Hill, IV

The Joys of International Travel

  • By Daniel Barney

Spring 2015 Published Non-Fiction

Mother Knows Best

  • By La’Kendrick Thompson

“If You Knew Me:” Borrowed Words and Journal Snapshots

  • By Christine Weatherby


  • By Sarah Hirsch

The Gratitude I Owe A Stranger

  • By Adan Alvarado

Spring 2014 Published Non-Fiction


  • By Melissa Baron

She Never Complained

  • By Kara Trojan

Fall 2014 Published Non-Fiction

The Swamp

  • By Timothy Nelson

Interview With Samm

  • By Michael Carten

2012 Published Non-Fiction

Even Beowulf Becomes Old

  • By Nick Billone